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Interested in becoming a USA Softball/MUA umpire?


The MUA wants reliable people and we WILL provide your training so you know the proper rules and umpire mechanics when you get on the field.

As soon as you join the MUA we start teaching you the proper way to umpire a USA Softball slow or fast pitch softball game. (For more information about USA Softball click the link above.) We expect quality from our umpires and we teach you the skills necessary to achieve that quality.  That is why we pay our umpires around $25/hour!  A few games last longer than an hour, but our slow pitch games are scheduled so we don't start a new inning after 55 minutes, once the inning is complete, the game is over.

Most schedules are for 2 games each night.  You can practically choose the area of Minneapolis where you want to umpire and on what nights (Sunday through Friday).  All we ask is that you commit to umpiring at least 2 nights a week. Get to your fields on time (15 minutes prior to the start of the game), be in uniform (more on that later), know your rules...and most important of all...HAVE FUN!

Even if you have never played softball before, but know something about how softball (or even baseball) works, you can umpire.  All you need is the desire.

Now about that uniform.

Click on the Uniform Requirements link on the left to find out what you will need for the MUA and USA Softball.

Joining the MUA not only requires a time commitment on your part, but also a small financial commitment (MUA dues and uniform).  The nice part about joining the MUA is, if you are willing to work a few nights a week, you can make that money back and more.  Remember we pay our umpires $25/game.

So now what do you do to get in the game? Click here or call our Umpire-In-Chief (UIC) Paul Kraimer at 952.240.5499 if you have more questions that aren't answered.

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Thank you for your interest.  We'll see you on the field!

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