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The male and female umpire shall wear:

  1. *A powder blue or navy blue, short-sleeve polo shirt. USA Softball letters are worn on the left chest of the polo shirt.

  2. Navy blue or heather gray slacks and navy blue or black socks.
    NOTE: Heather gray slacks can be worn with EITHER powder or navy blue shirt, however you MUST wear a powder blue shirt if you wear navy blue slacks or shorts.

  3. *The approved navy blue cap with white USA Softball letters.

  4. *The approved navy blue ball bag with USA Softball letters to be worn with either navy blue or heather gray slacks.

  5. *The approved navy blue jacket with white USA Softball letters on the left chest.

  6. Black shoes (all black) and black belt.

  7. A t-shirt is optional to wear under the powder blue or navy blue polo shirt. If a t-shirt is worn, it must be a white t-shirt under the powder blue polo shirt and a navy blue t-shirt under the navy blue polo shirt.

  8. The plate umpire in fast pitch MUST wear a mask, with black or tan padding and a black throat protector.  An extended wire protector may be worn in lieu of a throat protector on the mask.

*If you already have an ASA polo shirt, ASA hat, ASA ball bag, and/or ASA jacket, they can be worn through 2019. All new gear bearing the USA Softball logo MUST be purchased from the Official Gear web site. All other elements of your uniform can be purchase where ever you can find them, as long as they meet the above requirements. 

Pint this page and take it to the store with you so you have all of the information in hand.

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